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    Maintenance, repair & modifications.

    Ingersoll - Gantry 2000

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Surtechno receives Yanfeng’s Supplier Excellence-Service Award

Internationally, Surtechno’s efforts are recognized. On the 22th of February 2017 we were honored to receive the Supplier Excellence-Service Award at the European Supplier Expectations Day of Yanfeng. Yanfeng is the largest supplier of automotive interior systems, with 28 000 employees in 17 countries.

Surtechno is a mould service company. We have the expertise and equipment to handle a wide variety of modifications and repairs to a wide range of tools. Surtechno is experienced in plastic injection, die casting, compression moulding and rubber vulcanisation. Our customers require the highest quality together with a fast turnaround. We strive to deliver on both counts.

Tool modifications, maintenance, trials & storage

Our goal is to be a reliable partner in mold service for tool end users and tool manufacturers. 
Surtechno has the skills and the machinery to perform almost every modification, repair or maintenance for different types of tools. We offer trials for most mould sizes and have a tool storage facility of 3000m². We have experience in plastic injection, die casting, hot or cold forming, … this gives Surtechno a specific place in the tooling industry.

Unique machinery

Surtechno is equipped with up-to-date machinery and about 30 well skilled employees. Programming, milling, welding, spotting, … all can be done at the same location. A lifting capacity of 50 tons makes us able to handle almost every tool.

Surface Technology

The department Surface Technology specializes in mold surface texturization to change the look and feel of a product. Applying textures, restoring damaged surfaces and renewing gloss levels are actions carried out on a daily basis.
On the other hand we are constantly searching for coating parameters to improve flow and release properties for all kinds of materials. Over a period of 20 years Surtechno has been able to develop a substantial archive with surface treatments that improve the injection molding process.